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panoramic X-ray system / dental CBCT scanner / digital / floor-mounted
CS 8100 3D



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    panoramic X-ray system, dental CBCT scanner

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Introducing the CS 8100 3D, the affordable and easy-to-use 2D/3D imaging system that makes 3D technology simple. Combining our award-winning 2D imaging with the power of 3D, the CS 8100 3D covers a broad range of applications and is ideal for daily use. The CS 8100 3D offers the highest image quality for your investment and makes 3D imaging more accessible—truly putting powerful imaging technology within everyone’s reach.

The CS 8100 3D System provides the following features:

Versatile Capabilities
From traditional panoramic exams to endodontics, implant planning, and oral surgery applications, the CS 8100 3D is capable of much more than the average 3D unit.

Award-winning 2D technology for superb panoramic images in seconds
2D and 3D images complement each other and enhance diagnostic abilities
Accurate 3D representations ensure accurate diagnoses
CAD/CAM abilities allow you to perform more procedures in your office

Safer Examinations
The CS 8100 3D uses dental 3D technology to limit radiation dose and ensure safer exams.

Confine radiation to area of interest with flexible fields of view
Control size, resolution, and dose for each exam
Adherence to the ALARA Principle helps you keep radiation exposure as low as reasonably achievable
Dental 3D technology reduces exposure significantly more than conventional CT systems