video corpo

radiography system / digital / analog / for multipurpose radiography



  • System type:

    radiography system

  • Technology:

    digital, analog

  • Application:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Features:

    with table, with floor-standing bucky


The Q-Rad systems feature Carestream DRX Technology, along with Smart-System innovations such as TechVision™ and Operator Touch-Control Center. The Q-Rad system provides the flexibility of selecting from Analog or Digital allowing the system to grow along with you and your facilities needs

Analog or digital – Move up to Digital at any time
Floor-mount or ceiling-mount tube
TechVision™ TubeHead Control technology

Broad Versatility

System can be configured as analog or digital with a tube stand (either floor or ceiling), table, wallstand and accessories to match your workflow
Image with the wall stand, table or tabletop for single or dual detector scenarios
Freedom of Movement

Optional Autotracking features allows floor and ceiling tube stand to track with the table or wall stand in the Z axis allowing enhanced workflow and for the technologist to stay by the patients side
Simplify weight-bearing, cross-table and off-table studies with generous range of motion
Control tube stand positioning with fingertip switches on operator hand control
Release all tube stand locks for multi-directional adjustments with a single switch
Technologist Productivity

Vertical wall stand includes ergonomically designed EZ-Glide hand control to allow operator image receptor adjustment from comfortable standing position
Rotating detector tray for table and wall stand allows for quick and controlled manual portrait/landscape rotation of the DRX detector without lifting it out of the tray
TechVision™ Tubehead Control technology allows the technologist to stay close to the