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    breast cancer treeatment

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Focusing on your patient ZEISS helps you provide patients with safe cancer treatment options in addition to the conventional standard of care. Combining faster cancer treatment courses and reducing the associated side effects provides gentle treatments for patients – a key element to increasing their quality of life.1Targeted effectiveness without delayIORT from ZEISS enables an effective high-dose cancer treatment option, delivered directly during surgery and precisely where it is needed. Local irradiation of the tumor or the tumor bed can be prescribed as a single definitive treatment, or as a boost treatment combined with external beam radiotherapy for high-risk patients.1Unifying proven IORT advantages in one solution Low-energy X-rays have a high relative biological effectiveness due to the higher ionization density of radiation in tissue compared to megavolt X-rays. Additionally, due to the steep dose falloff the tissue of interest is irradiated in a way that reduces collateral damage, which is a special characteristic of low-energy radiation. Therefore radiation can be applied immediately to well-vascularized tissue after R0 resection and also after incomplete tumor resections in R1 and R2 scenarios.2, 3