autopsy table / rectangular / height-adjustable / electric

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autopsy table autopsy table - CEATC02


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    height-adjustable, electric, rotating, stainless steel, with sink


CEATC02 Elevating and rotating (90°) autopsy table

Autopsy table with adjustable height and rotating
system 90°, completely stainless steel AISI 304, properly
reinforced and shaped in order to make it stronger to
be used with the normal autopsy instruments and the
normal cleaning and disinfection products.
It is made up by a plane with perimeter border to
contain liquids which is properly inclined without edges,
with particular slopes allowing an easy flow of water
towards the wastepipe.
The working area is composed by a series of 5
removable drilled planes allowing the body placing and
the flow of washing waters.
The table has a sink whose size are 500 x 400 x 250
mm and it is equipped with taps and fittings with mixer
for hot and cold water, washing shower extendible on
all the working surface.
Liquids drainage protected by “too full” by magnetic
The table is even equipped with:
- irrigation system along with all the plane through
water ejectors placed on the side opposite to the
- electric grinder-waster for the organic waste
- water exhauster “Venturi” system that is necessary
to clean the anatomic part that will be part of the
Carrying frame, lifting and rotation system
The carrying frame is made by a central column
completely stainless steel AISI 304, properly reinforced
in order to carry the load, equipped with removable
panels for the control of the internal water and electric
Equipped with electric linear actuator allowing its lifting
from a minimum of 850 mm to 1100 mm maximum.
Activated by its proper control (up & down) and
protection system. The top is rotating 90°.