tabletop disinfection system / automated

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tabletop disinfection system tabletop disinfection system - CEARE70


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    tabletop, automated


On the hands some micro-organisms called “resident” live, that are very well tolerated by the human body, while then there are the ones called “transitory” that come from the infected people. These micro-organism can be eliminated or reduced by ascetic. The disinfector is a new device assuring a perfect disinfection of the hands in a very easy, practical and rational way. It does not need any electric connections because it is supplied by a rechargeable battery. It’s autonomous, easy to place, to transport, always ready to be used, complete with an internal container for the disinfecting liquid, run by an electronic control. It’s enough to near the hands to the proper place and an “electronic eye” sees them and activates the process of nebulization of the disinfecting solution that was previously put in the proper container. All this happens without touching anything preventing crossed infections.