cellulose acetate electrophoresis system / for proteins / compact



  • Technology:

    cellulose acetate

  • Applications:

    for proteins

  • Configuration:



The smaller size for automation in clinical electrophoresisCOMPACT Small dimension, suitable for medium and small labs.FLEXIBLEThe separation is carried out on small supported acetate membrane, in order to allow the starting up also in presence of minimum quantity of samples without any increased cost per test.HIGH THROUGH-PUTThe system provides 1 acetate plates during the same analytical cycle, for a total quantity of 8 serumprotein samples.The total time to conclude the analytical cycle is 40 min.FULLY AUTOMATEDMiniLITE SHb automatically arranges the loading of all the reagents, standardizing further the electrophoretical process.COMPLETE AND RELIABLEMiniLITE SHb performs, in full automation, the complete electrophoretical process, from the application of the sample on the membrane up to the automatic scanning and archive of the the sample graphs with the values in percent of the splitted bands.An easy viewing program allow the operator to check the results before store and print-out.VERSATILEAllows to perform the most spread electrophoretical tecnique such as serum proteins, haemoglobins and lipoproteins.