electrophoresis densitometer

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electrophoresis densitometer electrophoresis densitometer - MiniSCAN


  • Applications:

    for electrophoresis


- Ready for cleared/uncleared scanning- Fast and reliable- Suitable for agarose gel and cellulose acetateTechnical features- LED light source and high gain fotodetector- Reading system in absorbance with self-regulation of the source bright- Reading media in cellulose acetate cleared and uncleared- Reading media in cellulose acetate and agarosegel- 8 reading samples- Connection to PC via USB- External power Supply 24V- Dimensions: 116x156x63 mm (LPH)Software Features- Pre-programmed Analysis: Serum proteins, Hemoglobins, Lipoproteins- Possibility to define additional exams- Automatic Processing paths electrophoretic pattern- Possibility of correction of paths- Personal Management and printing reports- Report header customization- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7