endoscopy insufflator

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endoscopy insufflator endoscopy insufflator - digiCARB-4


Digital CO2 insufflator for laparoscopy.

The digiCARB-4, with its advanced high-speed microprocessor circuitry, gives a superior accuracy and performance in delivery and measurement of CO2. The stability of the pneumoperitonium is controlled with the unique control algorithm even at a high leakage rate and assures rapid delivery of gas and provides immediate response for all procedures, especially when suction occurs.

The hardware and software controlled digiCARB-4 avoids overpressure above 50 mmHg, thus ensuring a double safety for patients. Precise electronic regulation provides a high gas flow rate. The “soft flow-in” and “soft flow-out” ensures prevention of excess intra-abdominal pressure. Display for gas consumption and a separate digital display for real-time values and also set values of pressure and flow rate. Pressure adjustment from 1 to 30 mmHg. Indication for empty cylinder and accidental open outlet. The chill effects of the high-flow insufflations and telescopic fogging are reduced by the inexpensive temperature controlled gas warmer (optional).

Availability in two different models with 1 to 20 liter per minute and 1 to 30 liter per minute flow rate.