electronic moisture analyzer / with digital display / bench-top
SMART 6 ProFat



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    with digital display

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The SMART 6 ProFat combines microwave moisture measurement with data modeling analysis to rapidly evaluate beef, pork, chicken and turkey meat with superior accuracy and precision. The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation. The SMART 6 ProFat can also be used to verify and maintain performance of NIR or X-ray devices.

The system uses an official AOAC method to rapidly measure the moisture content and a simple curve fitting program to provide the best estimate of fat and protein content. The performance of the system is comparable to the standard oven drying and fat extraction analysis methods.

Process and Quality Control Benefits

Complete meat analysis data in 3 minutes or less
Uses AOAC Official Method 2008.06 for moisture determination
Control production processes with rapid data
Green, no hazardous waste, low energy needs