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rapid thrombosis test / for genetic disorders / for factor V mutation / for DNA
Xpert® FII & FV



  • Applications:

    for thrombosis, for genetic disorders

  • Tested parameter:

    for factor V mutation

  • Sample type:

    for DNA

  • Analysis mode:



Xpert® FII & FV
30 Minute Test for Genetic Risk of Thrombosis
Xpert® FII & FV is a qualitative genotyping test for the rapid detection of Factor II (FII) and Factor V (FV) alleles. Performed on the Cepheid GeneXpert System, the test is intended to provide rapid results for FII (G20210A) and FV Leiden (G1691A) mutations as an aid in the diagnosis of suspected thrombophilia.

Molecular lab in a cartridge: DNA Extraction, amplification and detection in one cartridge
24/7 availability: Run daily, or on-demand, with a simplified workflow
Clinically Validated
Proven accuracy: Multi-site study verified over 1,000 patient samples with results comparable to those obtained with bi-directional sequencing
On-demand: 30 minute FII and FV genotyping
Actionable: No added wait time to obtain complete thrombophilia work-up
Avoids expensive ‘send-outs’ to reference labs
Optimize labor resources: No specialized personnel or lab facilities required
Cepheid’s Xpert FII & FV test provides on-demand results you can trust and empowers your clinical team to better manage patients.