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molecular biology analyzer with barcode scanner / with touchscreen
GeneXpert® Edge



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    with barcode scanner, with touchscreen


The Cepheid GeneXpert® Edge System
Moving Molecular Testing Beyond the Lab

Standardized molecular testing for any healthcare setting — from community hospitals to physician offices and specialty clinics
• Innovative Compact Design — Standardized GeneXpert® technology on a Polyvalent Platform for Integrated testing.
• Simplified Control and Oversight — Simple test workflow, Interfaces to laboratory information systems and Data monitoring and management with Cepheid® C360.
• Proven Cartridge Technology — Load and Go workflow means minimal hands on time. Single use, self-contained cartridge with integrated QC for Lab quality test results.
• System Data Storage Capacity: A single system can store 20,000+ test results.

CE-IVD. In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Devise.
Not available in all countries. Not available in the United States.