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dissection simulator / anatomy / arm

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dissection simulator / anatomy / arm dissection simulator / anatomy / arm - 1115


  • Procedure:

    dissection, anatomy

  • Form:



Radial artery trainer simulates the insufflated-tunnel method of vessel dissection and harvesting. This is a multi-stage training model for teaching the anatomy and procedure of insufflated endoscopic radial harvesting. To begin, a normal forearm skin is attached to the trainer base with a clear insert for teaching landmarks of forearm anatomy. This insert is then swapped for the dissectible Fasciotomy Insert (#1116) to train division of the fascia in the distal forearm.

The skin and insert are then replaced with a clear, rigid simulated-insufflation insert and skin for final artery dissection. The single-use Closed Radial Artery Pedicle (#1110) has dissectible artery and veins, and is designed for easy replacement into the base muscle of the arm.