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cardiac surgery patient simulator / for thoracic surgery / whole body



  • Procedure:

    cardiac surgery, for thoracic surgery

  • Form:

    whole body


NEW! Surgical Sam for CT Training features a beating heart with replaceable, cannulatable right atrium (#4120) and aorta (#4119), a suturable IVC bleed site, recloseable sternum, and ventilation-compatible lungs. The beating heart has multiple pre-programmed heart rates or can synchronized to the output of a patient monitor for enhanced physiologic realism. Radial pulse can be simulated using hand-held bulb or Pulse Controller. Module supports hemodynamic flow to the thoracic cavity; bleed sites are externally controlled for simulating hemorrhagic events.

Surgical Sam Chassis (#4094)
Surgical Sam Incisable Skin (#4098) 2 units
Surgical Sam Cardiothoracic Module (#4095)
Retractable Sternum
Ventilatable Lungs
Surgical Sam Beating Heart (#4108)
Beating Heart Controller with Pulse (#1463)
Surgical Sam Shipping Case (#4100)
Quick Start Curriculum for CT (#32004) developed by Boston Children’s Hospital