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abdominal surgery simulator / torso

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abdominal surgery simulator / torso abdominal surgery simulator / torso - 2147


  • Procedure:

    for abdominal surgery

  • Form:



Highly detailed abdomen with great versatility and vascularized organs. Designed as a yet-more-realistic workhorse for general surgery applications, the Advanced Abdominal Surgery Trainer presents staple-compatible organs and tack-compatible skins for both laparoscopic and open procedures. Similar to our AST with Original Organs (# 2117), the Advanced AST has enhanced organs with more realistic mesenteric structures that are both more anatomically shaped and have sections of blood-filled “weeping ” vasculature.

The organs of the Advanced AST include: the rapidly replaceable Advanced Stomach (#2143); Advanced Small Bowel with Rooted Mesentery (#2141); Duodenum (#2144); Advanced Colon with Mesocolon (#2142); covers that allow both open and lap access; skins for hernia training; Laparoscopic Hernia Skin (#2140) or Open Hernia Skin (#2139).

The landscape of the retroperitoneal organs provides anatomical reference and fully-dimensional surrounding organs including the liver, gall bladder, spleen, anterior bony pelvis, urinary bladder, ureters, and pelvic floor muscles. This trainer is also compatible with the organs of our Abdominal Surgery Trainer (#2117)