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surgery patient simulator / pediatric / whole body

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surgery patient simulator / pediatric / whole body surgery patient simulator / pediatric / whole body - 4094-4096


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    whole body


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Now Available! Our Surgical Sam Trainer(#4094) configured with Sam Pediatric General Surgery Module (#4096).

Surgical Sam for GS Training (#4094-4096) presents the look and feel of real tissues as well as representing the physiologic functions of breathing lungs, bleeding vessels, and the response to electrocautery with remarkable realism and accuracy. Our General Surgery Module (#4096) broadens the scope of procedures for which Sam is intended, to include ED-to-OR general surgery scenarios. The thorax and abdomen of the General Surgery Module present an intubate-able trachea, ventilatable lungs, liver and gallbladder, esophagus, stomach and attached mesentery membrane, small bowel with rooted mesentery, colon, and inferior vena cava. Bowels can be filled with succus entericus simulant and are suturable for active repair. There are separate liver and IVC blood flows and a diffuse surgical bleed, all within a fluid-tight abdominal cavity. Bleeder sites on the abdominal IVC are obscured by the small bowel and colon. Bleeding liver has embedded sensors that respond to the simulated electrocautery pen with visual and auditory cueing. Hemorrhagic events can be controlled at each of the bleed sites via remote feeds, enabling pre-planned scenarios to be enacted at the OR table and directed in real time in response to clinical interventions. Radial pulse can be simulated using hand-held bulb (or with Beating Heart Controller with Pulse (#1463) sold separately).