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thoracoscopic surgery simulator / torso

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thoracoscopic surgery simulator / torso thoracoscopic surgery simulator / torso - 8005


  • Procedure:

    for thoracoscopic surgery

  • Form:



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NEW! Designed for refining thoracoscopic skills, the VATS Trainer with Mimetic Lung is a right hemi-thorax with incisable skin/muscle layer and spreadable ribs. The replaceable lung, derived from patient CT data, includes blunt-dissectible parenchyma and a main bronchus, vein and artery in each of the three lobes for individual dissection and ligation.
Trainer includes:

Rigid hemi-thorax providing a shoulder landmark and access to the skin of the right thorax
Incisable skin/muscle layer (#8007) through which the ribs may be palpated for port placement
Hemi-ribcage with spreadable ribs derived from patient CT dataset
Two mimetic lungs with staple-compatible artery, vein and bronchus for each of the three lobes. The lung parenchyma may be blunt-dissected to reveal these structures. Vessels are fluid-filled and ooze blood if improperly handled. Available in Full (#8006) or Collapsed (#8011) versions.
Trainer base with diaphragm, spine, and fluid drain
Effluence tray