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thoracic surgery patient simulator / for resuscitation / trauma / training



  • Procedure:

    for thoracic surgery, for resuscitation, trauma, training

  • Form:

    whole body


NEW for 2017Delve into immersive clinical simulation training that engages the student’s limbic system with our high fidelity platform for teaching resuscitative thoracotomy. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Marc de Moya Mass General Hospital, Trauma Thoracotomy provides an immersive training environment for residents to develop crisis response skills without compromising patient safety.Provide training in low frequency/high stakes trauma surgeryOpen chest tube insertion (bilateral)Percutaneous chest tube insertion (bilateral)Left anteriolateral thoracotomy (ED thoracotomy)Pericardiotomy followed by open cardiac massageCardiac laceration repair of right ventricle with active bleed & realistic cardiac movementAortic cross-clamping of descending thoracic aortaCross-clamping of pulmonary hilumTeam training in crisis resource management trauma or thoracic surgery scenarios