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endoscopy simulator / portable

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endoscopy simulator / portable endoscopy simulator / portable - 2068


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Faced with the challenge of providing a means to demonstrate and train GI endoscopy procedures, The Chamberlain Group developed this highly successful solution. By placing the lumens of the stomach and duodenum, a section of colon, and an esophagus all into one platform and making easily reusable and replaceable tissue elements, we have brought the cumbersome GI anatomy into a portable and affordable format. The EMS Trainer has individual tissue elements that fit securely into the lumen walls without fasteners or other non-anatomical additions. These tissue elements allow for multiple procedure practice and can then simply be popped out and replaced.The EMS Trainer may be used either under direct visualization or with endoscopic visualization using the opaque soft tissue detailed cover provided. A protective cover is also included that accommodates all trainer elements. Lumens are accurately sized and are texturally detailed.Trainer procedures and tissue elements include: Esophageal Varix for Clipping Esophageal Tissue Anomaly for Biopsy Two Gastric Ulcers for Clipping Stomach Tissue Anomaly for Biopsy Esophageal Stricture for Stenting Pyloric Stricture for Stenting Duodenal Stricture for Stenting Colon Polyp for Snaring Colon Post-Polypectomy Site for Clipping Colon Perforation for Clipping Colonic Stricture for Stenting