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laparoscopy simulator / torso

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laparoscopy simulator / torso laparoscopy simulator / torso - 2213


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Offers extensive abdominal access with accurate space constraints for use with DaVinci® and other robotic or laparoscopic systems. A rigid shell mounted to a flat base simulates an insufflated abdomen; 40 mimetic tissue Port Inserts, sized to accept trocars or devices 5mm to 12mm in diameter, radiate from the umbilicus and are c. 6 cm apart (on center). The inferior end of the abdomen cover has been cut away to allow a view of the interior. Distance from the base to the inferior edge of the abdomen cover is approximately 23 cm at mid-line.INCLUDESRemovable Rigid Cover and Base40 pre-installed Mimetic Tissue Port Inserts (#2214)Trainer can be customized with internal organs or Robotic Training Kit Turntable (#4007).