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robotic surgery simulator / laparoscopy



  • Procedure:

    laparoscopy, robotic surgery


The Robotic Exercise Kit is a complete anatomical environment for introducing practitioners to the basic skills required for DaVinci® and other robotic or laparoscopic systems. This economical abdominal model offers 5 port sites fitted with durable, simulated tissue Port Inserts (#4130) to accept trocars and other instrumentation. Allows for repeat practice to develop competency in: depth perception & accuracy, force & tissue handling, dexterity, and efficiency.The Dexterity Skills Set (#4127) attaches firmly to the floor of the trainer but can be easily re-positioned to change the angle of approach. Supports the practice of needle throws, suturing, knot tying, wrist articulation, and camera/clutch controls. Replaceable 1” thick foam suture pads are marked for needle throws, running suture, figure eight suture, and knot tying drills.INCLUDES:Abdomen Tunnel and base5 Port Inserts (#4130) pre-installedDexterity Skills Set (#4127)Wire Rollercoaster with Rubber RingsTowers and Cones, with WiresRubber Rings – 1 bagFoam Suture Pads – set of 3 (#4128) One each:Big DipperRailroadSuturing (square)