laparoscopic trocar / with sleeve / with insufflation tap

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laparoscopic trocar laparoscopic trocar - AKYCCA


  • Trocar type:


  • Options:

    with sleeve, with insufflation tap


Applicable Operation
Trocar is placed through the abdomen during laparoscopic surgeries. It functions as a portal for the subsequent placement of other instruments, such as graspers, scissors, staplers, etc. It keeps the sealing performance of pneumoperitoneum.

1.Innovative converter-free design, to make sure surgical instruments with different diameters can be replaced easily.
2.Blunt design puncture cone and tight conjunction with the sleeve, conduce to reduce bleeding and damage to the tissue.
3.Gas tightness design avoids leakage when change instruments with different diameters.
4.Casing wall is in strict accordance with the design principles of human engineering mechanics, to ensure that the sleeve can be fixed to the abdominal wall, to avoid the slide of sleeve, which increases the safety of operation.
5.Disposable trocar is made of special materials, to ensure a smooth passage, make sure a smooth operation of instruments, which increases the flexibility of surgery.
6.A type blunt design of the puncture cone to reduce the sharp cutting of the tissue separation, more in line with the principle of minimally invasive, and can increase the fixation of the sleeve when the tissue is retracted.
7.B type puncture is sharper, with a unique safety to prevent puncturing other abdominal organs.
8.Optical trocar allows safe insertion.
9.A variety of trocar kits are available.