shoulder wheel



This device is for shoulder and elbow rehabilitation in cases of stiffness, impingement syndrome and pre- and post-surgery treatment.
It has a metal frame and a height-adjustable wheel to suit the patient’s size or the exercise to perform. It can be easily moved by an operator.
It comes complete with a set of accessories, including: a handle, a knob, a forearm support, a counterweight, an elbow rest and a front grip handle (code AC0008).
Mainly used to perform active exercises, it can also be used to do passive/self-passive mobilization and proprioceptive exercises.
Patients can start their active exercises in free mode and then, by means of a clutch, gradually apply a greater resistance.
Using this instrument enables the therapist to avoid the most repetitive work: the physiotherapist programs the sequence and intensity of the exercises, while the patient can check the range of motion reached at each repetition and is therefore motivated to work harder.
The range of motion recovery can be monitored with a quick and extremely reliable assessment by comparing the previous and subsequent results. The “Rota” comes complete with a manual and videotape that show a series of exercises.

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