dental contra-angle / quadruple external spray / autoclavable
120 LB

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dental contra-angle dental contra-angle - 120 LB


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    quadruple external spray, autoclavable


120 LB
contra-angle handpiece
with 1:1 ratio
clear design, ergonomic
and durable body
4-spray for optimal cooling
durable cellular glass rod
for brightness lighting
for burs with Ø 2,35 shank
In 1989 CHIRANA signed historical license agreement with company KaVo to start
production of dental instruments in Stara Tura. Thanks to this licensed production our company
started from the beginning using the high-modern production standards, sophisticated measurement technology and especially we started cooperation with leading producers of machinery
and technologies like Index, Benzinger, Chiron, Studer, Tornos, Rika, Maier, DMG-Mori, Trumpf,
Fehlman, 3D measuring device Mitutoyo etc. The whole production is performing directly in Stara
Tura with minimal share of suppliers and outsourcing. The processes like surface modification and
metrology are performed by our sister companies (Chiragal and Chiranalab Stara Tura).
During latest years have been focused on improving the hygienic standard,
autoclavability and durability of our instruments. Whole design of handpieces is getting more
“clean” with minimum of seams which always are the potential source of contamination. Our
internal layout of instruments allows the usage of washing or disinfecting automats
(Miele) before sterilization process. The special “non-oil” bearing (lubricated for the whole
lifetime, used in HF turbines and in brushless micromotors) are fully autoclavable as well.
Also our used plastic materials for production of instruments are only high-tech level
(PEEK – polyetheretherketone), fully hygienic and autoclavable.