endoscope camera head / digital / CMOS / with video processor

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endoscope camera head endoscope camera head - EDS-CAM CM100


  • Applications:

    for endoscopes

  • Technology:


  • Sensor type:


  • Other characteristics:

    with video processor


Product Name
Endoscopy Cameras System

Model:EDS-CAM CM100

Endoscopy Camera
Endoscope camera system is an important part of medical endoscope system, combined with endoscope, monitor and cold light source constitutes a survillance and camera system. Its function as follows:
the required peep part of the human body is imaged in the CMOS by endoscope sensor, the
CMOS image sensor converts the optical signal into the corresponding electrical signal, which is processed by the camera control system and output to the monitor.

Zoom Camera
●Efective pixel progressive scanning 1920*1080;
●4 programmable function buttons;
●High speed data transmission technology, fine and soft cable, 4.0m wire length, 5mm wire diameter;
●2 times the optical zoom image quality without loss, expand the surgical space, close to the observation of fine tissue or blood vessels; far to observe the entire lumen;
●IPX7 waterproof grade; Control the brightness of the cold light source through the camera, so that the lighting adjustment during the operation is more convenient;

Camera control host CAMCM1 00
●The camera system has three groups of user - defined settings function, to set multi - department parameter scheme, and suitable for different Clinical use habits of the department;
●Camera system pre-installed the specific endoscopic system optimization settings mode;
●Manual setting of brightness, saturation, digital zoom, sharpness, noise reduction and contrast;
●Good color reduction, no obvious distortion;
●AWB (automatic white balance) regulating function;
●The digital host, 1080p, high quality digital zoom, perfect image adjustment function, HD Clear image output;