thumb splint
23x 121 106 series

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thumb splint thumb splint - 23x 121 106 series


  • Type:

    thumb splint


Functional saddle joint orthesis
For immobilisation of the saddle joints of the thumb
Partial immobilisation in saddle joint osteoarthritis
For distorsions, inflammatory States and States following surgery related to this région
Place the forearm into the ready to use orthesis.
Adjust the orthesis to the hand and wrist with gentle pressure, and close the rings around the thumb.
Fasten the bandage on back of the hand, around the wrist and forearm.

The main component of the patented Chrisofix® splints is a thin, corrugated aluminium core covered with non allergenic polyethylene foil- and cotton-laminated polyethylene coat at the out- and insight, respectively. Due to perforation, the splints are breathable. They can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part within one minute, without water or heat. The Chrisofix®splints ensure a semicircular stable fixation. The light and comfortable splints limit the mobility of the injured body part to the necessary minimum.
shape-retaining and modulable
lightweight, comfortable, non-allergen, Latex free
perforated (breathable)
x-ray transparent
adjustable in one minute without watei or heat
throw in household waste
first application by professional (except first aid)
do not use on open wound
do not inhibit the blood circulation
do not eut
aluminium straps: do not bend sharply
for single patient use
before washing, close the velcro fasteners
drying at low température
do not tumble dry
do not iron
The Chrisofix® splints are medical devices and not working tools.