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trolley-mounted IPL system / hair removal



  • Ergonomics:


  • Application:

    hair removal


Using their 20 years of experience in crafting medical lasers, Chromogenex Technologies presents the Phaser-EP. Previously this company had created removal systems for laser hair and non-ablative wrinkles. They also hold a patent for the Regenlite advanced pulsed dye laser system. However, the Phaser-EPL uses Smartlite™ Dual Phase Technology in its Intense Pulsed Light System processes. The highly modern Smartlite™ system was created for products in the Phaser range. It allows for the treatment and removal of unwanted hair using great amounts of light energy. It also facilitates skin rejuvenation procedures. By utilizing a rear reflective cavity and enclosed wavelengths, the light transmission is greater than that of a standard IPL.