medical sterilizer / steam / front-loading / with touchscreen
GLOBO SSS 360 series



  • Application domain:


  • Sterilization procedure:


  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    with touchscreen, stainless steel

  • Capacity:

    151 l, 216 l (39.9 gal)


Innovative technology to guarantee optimal, long-lasting results

The new, recently designed GLOBO Aquazero® sterilizer was created through careful selection of materials, components and technical solutions that ensure durability, productivity and functional safety at every moment.
All of the GLOBO machines are constructed according to a high standard of reliability and hygiene.

Principle features:
• Sterilization chamber, jacket and door made of AISI 316 Ti stainless steel, with a 20-year guarantee
• High resistance to corrosive attack thanks to the electrolytic polishing treatment < 0.2 μ
• External heating of the chamber (with steam) for 95% of the surfaces and elimination of cold areas
• The seal between the chamber and the door is achieved with an inflatable gasket, completely eliminating the loss of vacuum/steam
• Bio-seal for perfect separation of the environments, totally guaranteeing a sterile environment
• Completely dry vacuum pump compatible with high-performance steam without the use of water
• The Aquazero® technology allows 100% reduction of water consumption related to creating a vacuum
• Tri-Clamp system for the tubing related to the main systems
• Reduced weight structure for easy installation, facilitating positioning on the ground and connection to utilities
• Easy, intuitive management through a colour, touchscreen interface.