pelvis external fixation system / tibia / tubular / adult

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pelvis external fixation system pelvis external fixation system - Dolphix


  • Joint / bone:

    pelvis, tibia

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Temporary External Fixator indicated for a simple, rapid and safe temporary fracture fixation of all long bone fractures in a polytrauma patient without the use of dedicated instruments.
Single manual locking mechanism to lock the rod, bone screw clamp

Bone screw insertion achieved using the clamp handle supplied with the bone screw
Available in three sterile kits (basic kit, pilon kit and metatarsal kit)
Individual components are also available sterile packaged single use
Features and benefits
The Dolphix® temporary external fixator has the following
- fixator assembly without the use of dedicated instruments.
Bone screw insertion is achieved using the handle of the
special clamp with which the bone screw is supplied;
- the fixator has a single locking mechanism to lock the rod,
bone screw and clamp;
- it allows all radiographic examinations such as X-ray, CT scan
and Magnetic Resonance without interference;
- versatility: the sterile basic kit with the addition of other
sterile components allows various assemblies without use of
- allows safe mobilization of the patient without the limitations
imposed by other fixation systems and/or by temporary
- can be used as an aid in fracture reduction prior to internal
- allows temporary distraction for the reduction of articular and
periarticular complex fractures of the distal femur, proximal
and distal tibia.