modular external fixation system / tubular / adult

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modular external fixation system modular external fixation system - Kore


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Monolateral external fixator indicated for the correction of angular deformities in long bones

Simple design: few components
Angular deformity correction with complété osteotomy
Patient correction key
Monolateral external fixator
Lengthening option
Intuitive application, no planning software required Stabilityand complété control duringthe correction process With only one key the patient Controls the correction process Low profile, patient friendly
Possible lengthening after angular correction, if désirable
The Kore unilateral external fixator is designed for the correction of deformities in long bones.
The device allows full control of the bone segments during the corrective procedure. The application of
the fixator is facilitated by the use of a dedicated targeting device.
The Kore external fixator can be used to treat most long bone deformities with a unilateral approach,
which provides stability combined with maximum patient comfort.
Any angular deformity with or without leg length discrepancy may be gradually corrected without the
need for a secondary operation.
Rotational deformity must be addressed acutely during the application of the fixator