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clean room / soft wall clean room / soft wall


  • Type:

    clean room

  • Other characteristics:

    soft wall


CBC's Flexible Film (Softwall) Cleanrooms are both Durable and Economical.

You Should Consider the Cost Saving Advantages of Flexible Film Cleanrooms (Softwall Clean Rooms)
Our high quality, flexible film (softwall) cleanrooms are both durable and economical. They are manufactured to provide protection to both personnel and product. What's more, CBC softwall cleanrooms can be custom designed to meet your specific equipment or functional needs.

Cost Efficient

CBC softwall clean rooms are available in 4 standard sizes and are relatively inexpensive when compared to other systems. They are completely self-contained, free-standing, and can be assembled in any type of building -- including steel buildings. Expansion without expensive single-purpose construction or costly remodeling.

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