laboratory booth / containment / walk-in / soft wall

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laboratory booth / containment / walk-in / soft wall laboratory booth / containment / walk-in / soft wall


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    soft wall


You Should Consider the Cost Saving Advantages of Flexible Film (Softwall) Containment Units for the Containment of Highly Pathogenic Organisms or Potent Compounds

CBC will design a flexible film (softwall) containment unit or bio-isolator system that will meet your requirements.

Our softwall, restricted access barrier containment units are designed to protect workers and prevent the release of highly pathogenic organisms or highly potent compounds into the surrounding environment.

For researchers, CBC has manufactured flexible film containment units for containment of pathogens such as the H5N1 (the avian influenza), H1N1 (the swine influenza) and Bacillus anthracis (anthrax); and for necropsy tables to prevent the potential spread of organisms during a necropsy.