PTCA catheter / balloon

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PTCA catheter / balloon PTCA catheter / balloon - NIMBUS PICO® µ


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The Nimbus Pico Mu is an Rx PTCA Catheter which was designed to achieve pre-dilatation of challenging lesions. It features a lower profile for easier access to lesion. For difficult lesion access, a new lower profile balloon and distal shaft are included. The Nimbus Pico Mu features the lowest profile hypotube which allows the kissing balloon technique to be performed through a 6F Introducer Sheath. Another feature is the new soft tip and flexible distal shaft that allows Nimbus Pico Mu for an excellent tracking of tortuous vessels. A new shaft construction also allows more push to be transmitted to the balloon tip without any buckling of the shaft. Another innovation is the XxtraFlex technology that gives a smooth transition from the proximal shaft to the flexible distal segment which allows greater push to be transferred to the tip while maintaining its flexibility.