valve for the medical industry / solenoid / proportional
ET-P-05 series



  • Applications:

    for the medical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    solenoid, proportional


Although voltage in an important issue, the current is somewhat more Important: It is very important to specify and use a calibrated valve that matches your application. Be sure to use a valve set to your operating pressure to assure you have an overall good performing valve
for your exact requirements.
important to this valve. It works by having a change in current vary the magnetic field, which varies the travel or distance the valve is opening.

The EVP Valve can be calibrated for pressures less than the maximum shown above. Lower pressures may be substituted in increments of 5 psig, and will be used for calibration. The pressures shown above are standard options. For pressures less than 5 psig or greater than
the Maximum Pressure listed, please consult factory.

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