non-invasive blood glucose meter / for home use / mini / Bluetooth



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    for home use, mini, Bluetooth, strip-free


Diabetes Self-Management Has Never Been Easier
Blood glucose, non-invasive & invasive glucose monitoring device

• Painless Glucose measurement
• Personal device
• Monitor as many times as you wish
• Compact and easy to use
• Clinically proven CE

TensporTip Combo Glucometer (CoG)
The Combo Glucometer is combined of invasive and non-invasive modules. The detachable invasive module is intended mainly for the personal calibration period.
During the calibration period, the patient needs to measure his blood glucose levels invasively and noninvasively simultaneously.

Non-Invasive module:
• Non-invasive glucose measurement
• Personal device

Calibration module:
• A detachable invasive glucometer for personalized
Painless Glucose Measurement
• Place your finger, close the lid and measurement
starts automatically
• Monitor your daily glucose levels as many time as
you wish
• Test your glucose everywhere anytime

Technical Specifications Summary
• Weight: 112.9gr
• Dimensions: 42.8mm x 48mm x 82mm (Hx W x L)
• Suitable for adult diabetics (age › 18)
• A memory of 500 previous measurements
• Device Range: Invasive module capability tested:
50-500 mg/dl (2.8-27.8mmol/L
Non-invasive module tested: 70-440 mg/dL
• All supplies required during the initial calibration
phase are included with the CoG