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hair removal laser / diode / Nd:YAG / alexandrite
primelase excellence

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hair removal laser / diode / Nd:YAG / alexandrite hair removal laser / diode / Nd:YAG / alexandrite - primelase excellence


  • Applications:

    hair removal

  • Amplifying medium:

    diode, Nd:YAG, alexandrite

  • Configuration:


  • Pulse duration:


  • Wavelength:

    755 nm, 810 nm, 940 nm, 1,060 nm


diode laser hair removal
The primelase excellence multi-treatment platform is a diode laser with ultra high power (up to 4800W) that allows to offer six different treatments to alleviate various pathologies: onychomycosis, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions, acne, rejuvenation and the already known laser hair removal. For this, it has four wavelengths – Alex (755nm), Diode (810nm), Blend (810 + 940 + 1060nm) and Yag (1060nm) – and a wide variety of spot sizes: 10×10, 20×9, 30×9 and 30×17 mm2.

primelase excellence guarantees high safety, high profitability and high effectiveness in each treatment. Our exclusive USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology allows energy to be delivered in ultra-short pulses (up to 3 ms), making it possible to include the advantages of the solid state laser in each diode laser applicator. The platform includes contact cooling of cold crystal freeze (+ 5ºC) and can work in two modes: Static (1-3 Hz) and Dynamic (5-10Hz).

primelase excellence allows to treat different pathologies with a single equipment. Benign pigmentary lesions, such as lentigines or sunspots, could be treated with the Alex and Diode wavelengths. Thanks to the high power, the results are excellent and with only one session the elimination of these injuries is achieved completely. Vascular lesions, such as spider veins in the legs or ruby ​​points on the face and body, have been treated with the Yag wavelength. For this type of injury, the high power of the diode laser has allowed to obtain spectacular results of emptying the varicose veins with only one laser shot per area, thus being very precise and fast.