autonomic nervous system analysis device / chronic stress / transportable / digital



  • Applications:

    autonomic nervous system, chronic stress

  • Other characteristics:

    transportable, digital


PHYSIONER, the solution to measure the Chronic Stress and the imbalance of the Autonomic Nervous System.

Physioner is a complete hardware and software solution, from the Electrocardiogram measurement with a sensor to the analysis and results display on a tablet.

With PHYSIONER, CODESNA provides the first simple, accurate and rapide - 2 minutes only - evaluation of the physiological balance and risk of chronic stress of a person and can continuously measure the benefits of an adequate response.

Physioner evaluates the Autonomic Nervous System balance and risk of chronic stress of a person, in 2 minutes, in a manner that is robust, reliable and non-invasive (from a measure of electrocardiogram).
After 2 minutes, the person receives 4 physiological markers which help him to objectify his balance and presence of chronic stress.

This is made possible thanks to new patented mathematical algorithms developed by CODESNA measuring the ECG and analysing in real time the activities of the ortho- and para- sympathetic branches of the ANS.

Those markers help the health or sport professional to propose a treatment that is adapted to the eventual imbalance and to follow this over time.

Physioner is the only solution that measures the instantaneous stress AND the chronic stress.

The evolution can be monitored with regular measures to look at trends over time.