ENT surgery surgical navigation system / electromagnetic

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ENT surgery surgical navigation system ENT surgery surgical navigation system - DigiPointeur®


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    ENT surgery


The DigiPointeur® Surgical Navigation System has been specifically designed by ENT for ENT.
Developed by the French Armed Forces medical department and manufactured in France by Collin, the DigiPointeur® has been specifically designed for ENT surgery, otoneurosurgery and OMF surgery.
Born from a close collaboration of engineer's team and ENT surgeons, the system is a privileged assistant each time you have a difficulty in tracking the target.

Simplicity of use

Powerful systems offering a wide range of capabilities are likely to be bulky and complicated to use.

The DigiPointeur® system, though equipped with extensive functions, has been designed.

for simplicity and performance.
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Rapid installation

Computer-assisted navigation is now acknowledged as an essential tool for its increased level of safety and precision.

Yet, it is time demanding. However time spent on installing, starting and calibrating the equipement and on carrying out images and checking stantard procedures greatly reduces the day-to-day practicality of such systems.

DigiPolnteur's installation, start-up and checking procedures have been optimized to a strict minimum and the entire system is operational in less than 4 minutes.
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Electromagnetic targeting

DigiPointeur® uses an electromagnetic localization technique that provides a high level of precision with a reduced field.

The levels of energy used by the system and the conversion system used ensure high operational reliabililty.

The presence of metallic objects and other electronic devices in the operating theatre has no significant effect on the precision of the navigation system.