laser pin drilling machine

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laser pin drilling machine laser pin drilling machine - PINDEX®


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Laboratory Modelmaking
The PINDEX System is considered to be the «benchmark» used in model making. It provides a simple way to fabricate precise parallel drill channels. Laser Drilling Machine- Assures parallel channels for quick, easy, and reliable pin placement

More accurate drill positioning for better die registration
Visible beam in all lighting for reduced eye fatigue
Focus-free laser outlasts conventional bulbs
Manual drilling to pre-set depth System Accessories
Complete range of pins and mating sleeves
Durable, high quality carbide dril
Flexible rubber base molds
Handsaw with blades
Thank you for choosing Coltène/Whaledent’s Pindex® pin-setting system.
It has been designed and manufactured to provide you with many years
of reliable service.
The Pindex System is designed to assist in fabricating accurate mod
els and dies for use in the fabrication of dental restorations.
The Pindex System is used to accurately drill parallel holes into the
underside of the model. Precision Pindex Pins may then be cement
ed into the parallel holes. Pins are selected based on space avail
Precision pinning of dies and sections of the master model allows the
technician to disassemble and reassemble the model repeatedly and
accurately to facilitate the fabrication of restorations.
This owner’s guide will provide step-by-step instructions for the pro
duction of accurate models and dies.
Unit specifications
Environmental and electrical conditions
• Indoor use only
• Transient over voltages category II.
• Pollution degree 2.