decompression hyperbaric chamber / oxygen therapy / 8 places



  • Application:

    decompression, oxygen therapy

  • Capacity:

    8 places


For more than 40 years Comex has been designing, manufacturing, assembling and commissioning medical systems for hyperbaric and hypobaric oxygen therapy (HBO). A great many hospitals and deep sea diving centres around the world are equipped with Comex systems.
Using its standard range of chambers, Comex also develops mobile emergency chambers and makes available a mobile transportable containerised chamber with or without operators. This consists of autonomous equipment with its own facilities for producing and storing air and therapeutic fluids.
The Comex teams take on the research, the manufacture, the installation and the testing of their hyperbaric systems, from their workshops to the final operational site. Comex also offers a comprehensive maintenance and updating service for existing installations, always designed in an evolutionary manner.
Where guarantees are concerned, Comex relies on a very effective quality management system, certified to ISO 13485, for its medical equipment, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy installations which are marked with CE Dispositif Médical – Classe IIb markings.