laboratory fume hood / chemical / bench-top / with HEPA filter
GS 1000 Series



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    with HEPA filter


Chemical hood multipurpose molecular filtration with activated carbon filter and / or HEPA filter to protect against dust and aerosol particularly suitable for laboratory analysis, microbiology, pathology.

Molecular filtration fume cupboard with specific natural or activated carbon filters impregnated, allow the recycling of the filtered air expelled into the environment or the channeling outside the building.

The fumehoods GS series are available in standard widths 1000 - 1200 -1500-1800 mm, have two or more filter units, each consisting of a main filter and a secondary filter Safety (optional) and its electric silent sparkless.

Special versions are available with structure in AISI 304 stainless steel and specific work plans for special applications.