air handling unit monitoring system
SmartAir Master

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air handling unit monitoring system air handling unit monitoring system - SmartAir Master


  • Product applications:

    for air handling units


Superior control solution with great energy saving potential
Compressed air systems typically comprise of multiple compressors delivering air to a common distribution system. The combined capacity of those machines is generally greater than the maximum site demand.

A profitable investment
It comes with a powerful control tool designed and developed with the focus on operator convenience and ease of installation. The graphical presentation of the sequencer is very user-friendly. It is operated from an intuitive touch-screen panel that gives plant managers a comprehensive overview of the complete system including downstream equipment, to help improve complete network performance.

The ease of operation begins with a modern set-up assistant, which guides the user through the entire set-up process. Each and every input parameter is individually confirmed ensuring that each setting is correct. The home page gives a clear overview of the full station as well as network pressure, pressure range and compressed air consumption. There is a separate, individual status display for each connected compressor which also shows fault and warning message, including the exact time and date. The status also shows the operating and load hours of every individual compressor.