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meniscal suture needle meniscal suture needle - Sequent™


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Meniscal Repair Device

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Product Overview

The Sequent™ Meniscal Repair Device is an All-Inside, Stay-Inside system comprised of PEEK implants and Hi-Fi® suture that can create up to six continuous stitches for a knotless repair in any configuration. This technology provides surgeons a meniscal repair technique with the opportunity for a faster repair. It also reduces meniscal trauma and the risk of chondral damage. Operators can target various meniscal tear pathology, including oblique, longitudinal, transverse, horizontal, and bucket handle with ease, using as few as two or as many as six continuous stitches. The Sequent Meniscal Repair Device offers three different size configurations, allowing surgeons to choose the right tool to repair virtually any meniscal tear using the easy-to-master PRDT™ (Pierce, Rotate, Deploy, Tension) technique.

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