laboratory multimeter / bench-top
C3010, C3030



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The C3010 and C3030 instruments are full parameter dual channel instruments. Each channel has it’s own measurement hardware. Ail values can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. There is no interference between the channels when measuring pH/ORP/ Ion and conductivity in the same solution! C3011 and C3031 variations have an Ethernet connection instead of USB.

2 sets of gold plated BNC connectors of which each accepts différent electrodes, including conductivity electrodes. Gold plating prevents corrosion of BNC connectors. Via an easy to use menu system, the device can be confïgured for your measurements. A built-in help system will help you through ail steps to use the instrument successfully.

Besides the pre-programmed pH buffers and EC standards, you can also add your own buffer and standard tables. Not just a certain value at a certain temperature but the complété temperature related table of your specific buffer. Add up to 5 pH buffers and 3 EC standards of your own choice and use them as if they are built-in.

Two temperature inputs are independent from measurement channels. ATC for each channel can be selected from any of the temperature inputs. The device can be connected to a PC and completely controlled via either USB/RS232 or Ethernet/RS232. Both software and communication protocol can be downloaded from our website.