ion selective electrode

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ion selective electrode ion selective electrode - ISE20B, ISE52B


Polymer electrodes consist of various ion-exchange materials in an inert matrix such as PVC, polythene or silicone rubber.

Solid state electrodes utilise relatively insoluble inorganic salts in a membrane. Glass membrane electrodes are formed by the doping of the silicon dioxide glass matrix with various chemicals.

Two versions available:
•Sealed (ISE20B...ISE37B)
•Refillable with replaceable membrane (ISE60B...ISE77B)

Gas sensing electrodes are available for the measurement of ammonia, carbon dioxides and nitrogen oxides. These electrodes have a gas permeable membrane and an internal filling solution.

One versions available:
•Flat replaceable membrane (ISE50B...ISE52B)

All models are combination electrodes and have an epoxy body.Dimensions: 110xØ12 mm