DNA electrophoresis system / vertical
EDGGE 1100



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EDFFE1100 denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis unit can run two 20x20 cm polyacrylamide gels for the détection of single base changes and polymorphisms in cloned or amplified DNA fragments. The full range of “DGGE” analysis can be performed in this unit.

Make two 1 mm parallel denaturing gradient gels with the 100 ml gradient mixer. Compatible with micro-plates and thermal cycler blocks. It is ideal for the study of mutations and DNA polymorphisms critical in disease.

During Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis (DGGE) the buffer in the unit is heated using a 400-watt heater and the temperature controlled by an external temperature control connected to an internal sensor. This allows the gel température to be set to the melting température of the amplified DNA polymorphism mutation of interest.
The unit contains ail the features of the EVS1300 maxi vertical unit and uses the same combs and accessories.