blood glucose vital signs monitor / TEMP / SpO2 / blood pressure



  • Measured parameter:

    blood glucose, TEMP, SpO2, blood pressure, ECG

  • Applications:

    intensive care

  • Configuration:


  • Screen size:

    7 in


The HMS6500 is a portable self-examination machine. ECG, Blood pressure, SpO2, PR, TEMP, Blood glucose can be measured by lightly touching the corresponding icons. Measured data can be conveniently transmitted by the user to experts via network for further analysis or consulting. Data can also be stored to the data center for future reference. Gold and silver card users are entitled to obtain professional opinion from different experts upon examination of data. Users registered with their telephone numbers can receive messages after examination. The device has a 7" colored, high resolution LCD display. Operation is simple with touch screen. Options are available to set waveform and data color. It also comes with a 7-lead ECG display and a lot more.