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medical bed lift / homecare

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medical bed lift / homecare medical bed lift / homecare - 31-100R


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Place the NEW! Mattress Genie® Incline Sleep System beneath any traditional mattress to turn any bed into an adjustable bed at a fraction of the price! The Mattress Genie® Incline Sleep System lifts and lowers the upper torso and hip area up to 8 inches to alleviate abdominal and stomach pressure. The elongated inflatable chamber is 48 inches in length allowing users to rest comfortably on the back or side. At the touch of a button, users can experience relief while resting at optimal elevation.

There is currently no other product on the market like the Mattress Genie® Incline Sleep System. Those facing digestive and breathing issues from GERD, acid reflux, etc., there are currently two choices: shell out thousands on an adjustable bed, or place blocks under their bedframe. Here is the affordable solution.

Easily fits under or above any mattress except waterbeds
Will nnot damage mattress
Works on any bed frame
Keeps top of bed neat
No special sheets or covers required
No storage required
Glow-in-the-dark remote-control