vascular access sheath / peel-away

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vascular access sheath / peel-away vascular access sheath / peel-away - Peel-Away®


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The device is planned for percutaneous introduction of pacemaker leads or catheters. The curved introducer sheath and extraordinary introducing dilator let the lead/catheter to be easily accepted into the venous structure at a preferred site distal to the better vena cava/in nominate point in time. The 44 cm set is particularly helpful for coronary sinus leads, whereas the other sets are particularly helpful for reinsertions. The highest diameter of the catheter to be set up should be resolute to make certain its way through the sheath. As well as the introducer sheath, set comprises radiopaque dilator (with special van Andel taper on curved introducer sets); .038 inch, double-ended stainless steel wire guide; 18 gage access needle; and 12 mL syringe. The dual lumps consent to the sheath to be strip away and detached. It supplied germ-free in peel-open package for a single use.