varicose vein treatment laser / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted

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varicose vein treatment laser / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted varicose vein treatment laser / Nd:YAG / trolley-mounted - CTEV™


  • Applications:

    varicose vein treatment

  • Amplifying medium:


  • Configuration:


  • Wavelength:

    1,320 nm


The wavelength of 1320 nm addresses water accumulation in the vessel wall and this unit boasts a 99% efficiency rate and is backed by over 8 years of data, making it the only device of its kind with the longest follow up data in the industry. With top notch and micro pulsed power, this device features Clear Tip technology, which reduces EHIT. It is also equipped with several fiber sizes and is ideal for both reusable or single use and to treat a different vein sizes.

The automatic pull back device is easy to use, and boasts the lowest cost per procedure for FDA varicose veins cleared fibers.

1320nm wavelength targets water in the vessel wall
99% efficacy rate with over 8 years of follow-up data, longest follow-up
data of endovenous technology currently in the marketplace
Micro-pulsed, high peak power Nd:YAG laser
Clear Tip™ technology for reduced EHIT click here
Multiple fiber sizes, both single use and reusable to treat a variety of vein sizes
Automatic Pullback Device for ease of use
Lowest cost per procedure of FDA cleared fibers for varicose veins
Fiber test port to ensure proper level of laser energy transmission through fiber for consistency
Aiming beam allows identification of the treatment area
Solid state Nd:YAG laser with proven history of extremely reliable performance
Made in the USA