single use obstetric suction cup
10022, 16177, 16710

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single use obstetric suction cup single use obstetric suction cup - 10022, 16177, 16710


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For more than 20 years, the Mityvac Vacuum Assisted Delivery System has safely aided obstetricians during operative vaginal deliveries. Mityvac is a two-piece system comprised of a handheld reusable pump and your choice of eight different disposable cup options, most notably the low-profile M-Style® Mushroom Cup, to help facilitate vacuum delivery for occiput anterior, occiput posterior and Cesarean section presentations.

Parts & Accessories
10022Mityvac Reusable Handheld Pump (1/Box)
16177Mityvac Reusable Pump Replacement Gauge
16710Mityvac Reusable Pump Replacement Maintenance and Repair Kit

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